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50's TEAM



Jay is a member of the SSS Board of Directors and plays a vital role in the success of the league. He manages a Frickers team on Thursdays and is Chairman of the Cook-Out. He recently retired from the Toledo Police Dept. with the rank of Detective in the Auto Squad. He has been playing competitive ball since 1979. The tournament team won the 2011 SPA Great Lakes Nationals at Pacesetter. His wife,  Vicki and mother, Jean take active roles in the annual cook-out.

Team Photo
MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.Back row, L to R; Jery Keefe, Phil Richards, Jimmy Renfro, Mike Hoy, Mark Grimes, Jay Schramm, John Buehler & Ric Hendee. Front row L to R; Rob Boehme, Darren Axon, Gabe Barrow, Gary Beale & Keith Dixon.

MYRTLE BEACH ROSTER: Phil Richards, Jimmy Renfro, Mike Hoy, Mark Grimes, Jay Schramm, John Buehler & Ric Hendee, Rob Boehme, Darren Axon, Gabe Barrow, Gary Beale & Keith Dixon, Jerry Keefe

The Allshred Services/Pacesetter Management 50-plus softball club traveled to the warm sunshine state on March 29 to compete in the International Senior Softball Assoc. Classic. AA, AAA and Major  senior ballclub's met from nine states. The Shred Squad was placed in the 50+ AA play and came away with a runner-up plaque. It all boiled down to a two out of three battle with the Strike Zone 50 team out of N.Carolina. Strike Zone won the first game, Allshred the second game. In the third game the teams played into the 8th inning with Allshred losing 20 to 17.Leading hitters for Allshred: Ric Hendy-.699, and John  Buehler-.599.
The Shred Squad played good  "D" and hit well. Defensively, the team was led by Keith Dicken at SS and Darren Axon at 2b. They played stellar defense and turned some spectacular double-plays. 3B Mike Hoy, a former SSS member who now lives in Tennessee, joined the gang. Jimmy Renfroe, helped out pitching and playing 1B. He was on loan from the Lou's Royals out of North Carolina. These fine players filled in at the last moment for regular Allshred members who were unable to travel. The SSS team played well and were very competitive. The boys held their own. Outfielders Gary Beale, Phil Richard, Ric Hendy, John Buehler and Mark Grimes played solid defense. Gary Beale led the team with two homeruns hit over a 320' fence. Rob Boehme played 3b and 1b, and contributed with the long ball with several off the fence. Gabe Barrow caught and chipped in with several extra base hits. Jay Schramm pitched, hit and banged several off the 320' fence.
A great time was had by all as we enjoyed the ocean view from our hotel rooms, partied, went sight seeing and hung out together. Nothing beats sitting on the beach watching the sun set, sipping a cold one and watching the sun set. A great time with a very special group of friends. We're already talking  about next years' tournament. Thanks guys for your contribution.
-Jay Schramm

Allshred Squad Hampered by Injuries at Dayton Tourney

Team Photo
THE SHRED SQUAD! Back row, l. to r., Jay Schramm, Jim Johnson, John Buehler, John Yocom, Gabe Barrow & Norm Cairl. Front row, l. to r., Martin Harrison, Gary Beale, Phil Richard, Neil Klopping, Jas Suede & Rob Boehme.

In the opening game SWS/Legends battled Allshred in a see-saw battle that Allshred lost 18 to 15 in the final inning. Gary Beale tweaked his right groin muscle but continued to play as did Dave Williams who pulled a hamstring. With just a skeleton crew the two played on as best they could. Ohio Buckeye Classics defeated Allshred handily in the second game but had a battle on their hands in the third game. This game went into eight innings with the Buckeye Classics finally pushing across a run. Final score of 20 to 19.
Final game saw Allshred put together a makeshift lineup with Jay Schramm pitching and Jim Johnson moving to shortstop. Martin Harrison moved to left field and played stellar defense and Norm Cairl hit a grand slam. Jase Sueede suffered an abrasion to his right arm catching a foul popup down third baseline. Allshred went up by one run in the 7th inning but three straight hits by Dayton Legends and a close play at the plate went Dayton's way.
Final score of 17 to 16.

ALLSHRED DAYTON ROSTER: Gary Beale, Rob Boehme, Gabe Barrow, Martin Harrison, Jim Johnson, Phil Richard, Dave Williams, John Yocom, Jay Schramm, Norm Cairl, Jase Sueede, John Buehler, and Neal Klopping

50s' Team Wins Oregon Tourney

Team Photo
WINNERS! The Allshred/Pacesetter ball team won the one day A.O.O.A. Senior Tournament held at Muni Sports Complex on June 9. Back Row, L to R, Jim Johnson, Mark Schmenk, Gary Beale, Jase Sueede, Jay Schramm, John Yocom, Ric Hendee, Jeff Huskisson, Jeff Gorney and Gabe Barrow. Front row, l. to r., Gary Downey, Phil Richard, Steve Higgins, Brian Andreszewski and Rob Boehme.

OREGON, OHIO - The Allshred/Pacesetter 50's traveling team, coached by Jay Schramm, won the Area Office on Aging Senior Tournament at Oregon's Muni Complex on June 9, 2012. A/P was undefeated in four games. They  defeated Delaware County Bank 12 to 9, Rossford's Wolfpack 16 7  and won in extra innings 26 to 19 over Wolfpack. They won the fourth game on a forfeit. (Note: A/P's Chris Smeltzer dove for a ball in the outfield and was taken to the hospital with a severely injured shoulder. He is expected to be out for 4-6 weeks.)
50's Team Competes in SPA Barberton Buckeye Classic

BARBERTON, OHIO - The Allshred/Pacesetter team, coached by Jay Schramm, competed in the SPA Buckeye Classic, June 23 & 24. The AAA club, back row, l. to r., Gabe Barrow, Jase Sueede, John Yocom, Jay Schramm, Jim Johnson, Ric Hendee & Marty Harrison. Front row, l. to r., Rob Boehme, Gary Beale,, Norm Cairl, Phil Richard, Dave Obert & Steve Higgins. (Note: Ric Hendee's Telegraph Brake Co. was the sponsor for this tournament)

Gary Beale leads hit parade with 3 home runs in slugfest!
The Allshred/Pacesetter 50 plus softball club traveled to Akron/Barberton June 23 & 24 to compete in Thee Buckeye Classic. First up for A/P was Capps ballclub out of Ashtabula, Ohio. A slugfest ensued with A/P crossing the plate with 30 runs, outlasting Capps 30 to 10. Jasee Sueede had four hits as did Steve Higgins and Rob Boehme. Gabe Barrow filled in nicely in right field with two putouts in the first inning. Each A/P ball player had at least two hits.
Second up for A/P was a tough Players Warehouse club out of Dayton, Ohio. Gary Beale was the man of the hour with three home runs himself. Phil Richard had his stroke going also with two hits. Final score though showed A/P on the shortend by a score of 20 to 4. Next up was Sharon Enterprises, a local ballclub. Rob Boehme belted out three line drive hits and Jay Schramm launched a home run. Gary Beale and Dave Obert put on a defensive display in left and left center fields respectively, catching drives over their shoulders. Marty Harrison added a pair of extra base hits. Final score: AllShred 20, Sharonent Enterprises 11.
A/P then locked horns with Strabane ballclub out of Pennsylvania. Strabane had their hitting shoes on for this contest, outbelting A/P by a score of 24 to 13. Steve Higgins had a home run. Norm Cairl, Jim Johnson, Phil Richard, John Yocom, Ric Hendee, and Rob Boehme all added two hits apiece. A/P hooked up with Computer Time and got their hitting shoes back on. Steve Higgins belted two dingers in this contest and Gary Beale had three hits including a home run and triple. Dave Obert got his bat going and contributed four hits as well as more defensive web gems. Gabe Barrow added two hits as did Rob Boehme, John Yocom,and  Marty Harrison. Phil Richard drove a line drive over the right field fence. Injuries began to show their ugly face as Ric Hendee and Jasee Sueede went down with varying leg injuries.
The final contest showed Strabane matched up again with A/P. A/P held a 15 to 14 lead going into top of the seventh when the wheels fell off. Strabane got going and launched for 8 runs outlasting A/P with a final score of 22 to 15. Gary Beale and Steve Higgins each had a home run. Rob Boehme, Jay Schramm, John Yocom, and Gabe Barrow contributed two hits apiece.
A/P played good ball the entire weekend with some stellar defense. Gay Beale came away with the MVP award but each player contributed to the overall effort.